Best quotes from Cardinals' 2024 NFL Draft class (2024)

TEMPE — The Arizona Cardinals came away with a loaded 2024 NFL Draft class that features 12 prospects heading to the desert.

And with a draft class of that magnitude, there’s a whole lot to learn about the newest Cardinals as they ready themselves to come aboard.

A look at some of the best quotes from each of the 12 Cardinals draft picks in 2024:

WR Marvin Harrison Jr. on watching Larry Fitzgerald do his thing

“I just really loved the Cardinals,” Harrison told Arizona Sports. “Watching them growing up, Larry Fitzgerald being one of the best receivers in the league for a long period of time, the Cardinals always caught my eye. It’s pretty surreal.

“Even before (Ohio State teammate Paris Johnson Jr.) got drafted by the Cardinals when we were talking about joining up, we knew Arizona would be a place that we’d do that. It’s crazy how it’s all came full circle, but I could not be happier to be an Arizona Cardinal.”

DL Darius Robinson just might never leave

“For me, I just fit in,” Robinson said via conference call. “Red is one of my favorite colors also.

“I’m from Michigan, that’s why I asked you what the weather was like because I might go out there and I might stay. I might not even come back at all. I’m just really excited and I can’t wait to meet my coaches and my new teammates.”

CB Max Melton’s ready to sharpen that iron with MHJ

“I remember my mindset. I remember the week leading up to it both years that I went against him, it’s going to be iron sharpens iron,” Melton said of facing Harrison in college. “I don’t know if he remembers me. I hope he does, but it’s going to be iron sharpens iron in practice and we’re going to translate that to the field so we can win the football game.

“I can’t wait to meet bro off the field. It’s a little different on the field. I can’t wait to meet bro off the field.”

RB Troy Benson already has a familiar face in the RBs room


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“I met Michael Carter about two months ago. He had a 7-on-7 team in Tampa and I was working out there,” Benson said of Arizona’s change-of-pace back. “I was hanging out with the 7-on-7 team and once I met him, he was one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my entire life. We clicked instantly.

“He just called me, but I haven’t returned his call yet. Once I get off the phone I’m going to get him right back.”

Pure excitement for OL Isaiah Adams

“I could not stop screaming. I couldn’t even stop shaking. I didn’t realize it was real,” Adams said Friday.

“I’m sitting there watching every pick go by and I’m just like, ‘Man, I don’t know when my time’s coming.’ It was a surreal moment. I’m so thankful and so grateful. I thank God.”

TE Tip Reiman appreciates a good mauling

“I like putting my hands on somebody, doing what I want and moving them exactly where I want them and against their will,” Reiman said.

“It’s fun. It’s the gift the Lord gave me and I’m honoring him by doing that.”

Bonus Tip

After reporters ended their scrum around the telephone, Reiman stayed on the line.

Following a minute or so of silence Reiman asked dropped a “Do I need to stay on?” before an eruption of laughter took over the media room.

When asked why he stayed on the line for so long, the tight end responded that he’s “sticky” and just can’t wait to get to town.

CB Elijah Jones and his NY connections

“I know they also drafted Max Melton the round before. Thankfully we’ve been able to get semi-close throughout this whole process,” Jones said Friday. “He went to Rutgers and I’m from New York, a bunch of New York guys end up going to Rutgers, so I have a lot of mutual friends. Being able to talk with his brother (Packers WR Bo Melton) going to Green Bay and being able to pick his brain.

“I really admire his character and I think he’s a great kid, I think he’s also a hell of a football player. Being able to be in the same class and compete and be able to grow together, that’s great.”

Rabbit: The story behind S Dadrion Taylor-Demerson’s nickname

“I got it my first year playing football. I want to say first grade or second grade. I played a year up, so I was running around, and my coach was like, ‘He’s running around out there like one of those bunny rabbits out there on the field,’” Taylor-Demerson said.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to stick with me my whole life, but literally it’s like my first name now. Everybody knows me as Rabbit.”

Edge rusher Xavier Thomas already clicking with Cardinals coaching

“I would just say he was real,” Thomas said of linebackers coach Robert Rodriguez. “He was real genuine in regards to how he would coach me.

“That’s the kind of coach I would need, that’s the kind of coach I love. A coach who’s always pushing me to my limit, never lets me get complacent and that’s just the vibe that I get from him in how he would coach me. I want to take my game to the next level when I do get there. “

OL Christian Jones on flipping from soccer to football

“Second semester of my sophom*ore year I quit soccer. I quit on Sunday, and that Monday I saw the (football) coach and I just felt something in my heart. I jokingly asked, ‘Hey coach, when does football start?’ He looked at me and said on the staircase and with the biggest smile said, ‘Spring ball starts today.’

“People have been playing football since they were 3 years old. I started playing when I was 16 so the mileage that they have is not what is going on with me,” Jones added. “I’ve got fresh tires and I’m ready to work. Every single day I’m getting better, so I’m closing the gap on people. They may be better than me today, but next week they won’t be better than me so I’m continuously getting better and seeing the success makes me want to work even harder.”

WR Tejhaun Palmer’s eager to share the WRs room with MHJ

“He’s a great player,” Palmer said. “I’m looking forward to learning a lot from him.

“He’s the best receiver in college right now. He just followed me on Twitter so I’m hoping to chop it up with him here soon.”

CB Jaden Davis on being the Pat Tillman pick of 2024

“I’m really excited to be honored in that way, with (Tillman’s) pick being
No. 226, being drafted 26 years ago and (then) serving his country. I’ve been vetting the history of it a little bit,” Davis said.

“Obviously, I’m going to go into it a little bit more and deeper. I know it was really important to them. If it’s important to them, I have to make sure it’s important to me.”

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Best quotes from Cardinals' 2024 NFL Draft class (2024)


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